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Here you'll find the bestand most effective weight loss strategiesfrom all over the web

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Liquid Diets for WeightLoss

Lots of liquid weight loss choices! Liquid diets utilize drasticcalorie reduction, which is how they work.
Nutritionfrom liquids is highly customizable in terms of health, taste andsatisfaction.
At liquid-dietweightloss.com you'll get all the facts and help you needto get the most out of your weight loss efforts. For starters, let's clearup some myths:
Do acai berries/juice help forweight loss?
Do liquid diets cleanse the body?

You'll findeverything you've ever wanted or will ever need to know about liquiddiets here, we also have the how-tos for the best weight loss methods(based on ease and effectiveness.)

You will lose moreweight by applying the information throughout this site.

Fourbasic types of liquid diets:

Juice/smoothies- You don't even have to use a juicer! A blender and strainer willusually work fine for juicing. Juice allows for an endless variety ofcombinations to create unique and delicious concoctions. There's also awide variety of prepackaged smoothies and shakes that are enriched withadditional nutrients available at most retail locations. Health foodstores will be your best bet for finding quality mixes and products.Also, visit our weightloss drinks page for some delicious recipes and pre-packageddrinks!

Meal Replacement- Rather than using a full liquid diet, replace one or two meals perday with a liquid option. In this case you will want lunch to be your'heaviest' meal of the day as that will give you the most time to burnoff the calories you take in. Consuming at least one solid meal duringthe day is necessary if you want to incorporate any kind of strenuousexercise into your plan.

- Selecting a certain number of days out of the week to consume liquidsonly. Some find it more effective (despite being more restrictive) todo a number of days in a row. Days on will only permit light exercisesuch as a light walk, but your body needs to stay mostly at a state ofrest when applying this method

All Vegetarian -Consuming meals that contain no animal products. This method excludessome prepackaged shakes and smoothiesfrom your diet, somewhat limiting emergency food options. However, ifyou plan on creating your own juices or smoothies from organicallygrownproduce, you will still have plenty of variety for your meal options.You will want to incorporate more vegetables than fruits into your dietas fruits contain a lot of sugar and vegetables possess betternutritional properties.

Whichtype is right for you?

           The easiest to start with is meal replacement. You can switch one meala day to a liquid meal and barely even notice the caloriereduction!(see our weightloss drinks page for recipes and products)
Many people go from meal replacements to staggered, or even combinethem. A highly combinable diet that goes well with staggerd liquiddiets AND has recieved a lot of praise is J.U.D.D.D.D.
Of course, juice diets are great too, and we have lots of recipesand a list of products. Unlike staggered which says when todrink, juice diets say what to drink. While many people on a juice diet(also called a juice fast) don't consume solids at all though itdoesn't help with weight loss (outside of fewer calories) We recommendyou juice fast on a staggered liquid diet or as a meal replacement, butnot day in day out unless you have a medical reason or you're trying towin a bet.
Fullliquid diets are for medical reasons. The health impact istoo great for mere weight loss.

Are Low Carb Diets Effective? - LiquidDiet Weight Loss

Welcome to the page that will probably beresponsible for at least 5 pounds of your weight loss. The info is justthat good. Here we’ll be going into low carb weight-loss and comparingit to low fat weight loss (the traditional approach)...on how to shedfat and putting the feasability and effectiveness of low carb diets tothe test. (the videos are "which is better" comparisons from news shows)

Low carbeating plans shed fat quickly but it can be a bit more of a challengeto keep it off, low fat eating plans onthe other hand, have greater long-term benefits and are easier tomaintain on average. On this website we take an in-depth look at eatingplans in each of these categories. There is no weight loss plan orprogram that is perfect for everyone but you'll know the next bestthing after reading this article!The low carb and low fat diet approach are two of the most commonapproaches in regards to weight-loss and dieting. Both of theseapproaches refer to important concepts in reducing fat. Low carbweight-loss limits the intake of bread and other carbohydrates. I willgo into on other pages as to how dieting by not consuming carbs helpsyou shed fat.

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Weight loss that works for you - LiquidDiet Weight Loss

Finding the right weight loss plan can bechallenging since "right" means right for you, and that involvesknowing what to look for. When choosing a weight loss plan your presentnutritional needs need to be taken into consideration and these aren'tthe same for everybody. Depending on your age, fitness and currentdietary habits, your weight loss plan may be anything from a fullregimen of exercises and a low calorie, carb and fat diet to justrelaxing and eating a chicken pot pie. Equilibrium is the key to beingat your target weight and appearance.

Some people go running even though theexcess they have is in the upper body while others do upper bodyworkouts when they'd benefit most from some squats and leg curls. Its amatter of habit, and habit can be reinforced by its own consequence. Ifyou are sitting down at work and using your hands, your arms and upperbody will be stronger. Some might focus on their arms in this case asit is easier then working something that doesnt get worked at all. Sothis is one pitfall to avoid.

View thefull article on the Liquid Diet Weight Loss Blog

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Additional Supplements

           The addition of certain supplements will help you remain consistentwith your diet and healthy for the duration. When creating your ownsmoothies from selected produce, you may want to add fiber (to helpkeep yourself feeling satisfied longer and support digestive function)and protein supplements (to help build and repair cells, retain muscle,provide energy, as well as control many of the important processes inthe body related to metabolism).Whey protein is a naturally complete protein that provides the bodywith all of the essential amino acids, and is the perfect addition to aliquid diet. Many products on the market include this protein and youcan find those and more on our WeightLoss Drinks page. For vegans, soy, rice, and pea proteinsamong others are available.     

Get your fiber!

Fiber is necessary to maintain normalintestinal function.  High contents of fiber in the diet alsoabsorbs more water and help a meal feel larger and linger longer,aiding in weight loss when coupled with low calorie meals. Solublefibers maintain blood sugar by slowing their rate ofabsorption. 

Liquid diets are a good way to achieveweight loss in a very specific way. As long as you get soluble fiber,protein, fats, vitamins and all the essential amino acids you're ingood shape. Don't forget to exercise daily and drink lots of water,even though you'll be drinking fluids a lot more than normally on manyof the liquid diets.

Exercisecompliments almost all diets!

Here are some simple exercises that willhelp you burn energy, which is important in a weight loss plan so youdon't lose lean body mass:

Remember to stretch first!


Push ups are a great way to loose weight inthe upper body, they tone your arms and shoulders, as well as tricepsand chest muscles. Start on the ground with your arms out shoulderwidth, hands and toes on the floor. If you have trouble doing thesestandard pushups then lower the resistance by kneeling. Slowly lowerthe torso to the floor without touching it down, wait one second andthen push your self back up.


There are many kinds of crunches, eachtargets a different muscle group. For one of the more basic crunches,start on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted on theground. Have your arms at the sides of your head. Bring your torsostraight up, trying not to bend at the waist much (its not like a situp.) Try taking your right elbow to left knee and then switch, takingyour left elbow to the right knee. Your abs should be doing all thework. They take some time to get used to so though it out and they willget easier in time.


Start on the edge of something, like a stepor a sturdy stool. With the balls of your feet securely on the edgeslowly raise yourself up on your toes and lower yourself back down. Thereason to do this on an edge is to prevent an easy resting position forthe duration of the exercise. Do several reps, between 20 and 100 at atime, but try to do as many as you can (without hurting yourself.).


The Squat is great leg workout which worksyour hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus muscles. With your backstraight, hands at your side and your feet flat on the ground take adeep breath and slowly bend at the knees lowering your torso straightdown. Pause in the lowered position for one second before slowlyraising your body back up. Exhale and repeat, never coming all the wayup until you have finished.


Pull ups and chin ups require somethingsturdy you can grab on to firmly with clearance to lift your body andhead up. Ill use the example of a bar. Grab the bar with your palmsfacing inward and slowly lift yourself off of the ground. Go as high asyou can or until you can see over the bar. (Many people have troubledoing just one, so don't be discouraged if you can't do these at first.)

Here are some more exercisesyou can do to supplement a healthy liquid diet or other weight lossplan.

Women's lower body exercises.
Men's lower body exercises.
Women's upper body exercises.
Men's upper body exercises.

You can find many more, just doing a googlesearch with those keywords above.

If you can manage even a moderately easyexercise regiment with a liquid diet for a short period of time or asolids-included diet for a long period of time, you'll be doing prettywell. Remember, if you decide on a liquid cleansingweight loss plan (or a full liquid diet) make sure you are gettingplenty of fiber, taking a multivitamin and drinking a lot of milk,(whey protein) or if you cant have milk or whey, some soy, pea or riceprotein. Just make sure you get enough calories to support an exerciseregiment.

    LiquidDiet Weight Loss by Roy Walker

Thanks for reading! There are lots of dietand weight loss information of all types here at Liquid Diet WeightLoss, browse the site, it burns over 30 calories an hour!

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